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I’m a Level 5 Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer in Harlow that offers all-round body training and therapy. 

In addition to this I’m the Sports Massage Therapist for the F2 Football Club & currently working towards a Chiropractic Degree.

Enthusiastic on treating, educating & working with people of all ages, professions & backgrounds I provide support to improve individuals physical & mental wellbeing. 

I like to create a personable, non-judgemental environment, with a sense of humour, to make my clients feel comfortable and motivated. 

My passion for sports massage and fitness training aims to build on 3 key areas for my clients

  • Confidence

  • Education 

  • Health

In order to grow each area I believe in commitment, consistency, and control. Get these working together and we can achieve your desired goals, without the need for the latest fad diet or fat burning pill ;).

My working hours are split between my main base ‘Effectusfit’ at Sumners Leisure Centre, as well as giving clients flexibility working from their home or outdoors. 

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